Saturday, 31 January 2015

Big News!


I  know I haven't posted that much this past two weeks again but that is because there is big changes coming to the blog and i've been working every chance I get to make it perfect.

At the beginning of the year I decided I wasn't happy with the way the blog was so I decided to up date it a little bit. Firstly I had never really been happy with the name of my blog, back when I first started Daisy Love I found it really hard to think of a good name which represented me. I kind of just picked the first name that came to my head and I ended up not being 100% on the name. So the first change I made to the blog was the name... I know changing the name of a blog is a big no, no but I wanted to change the blog for the better so the name had to go.

The second change I made to the blog was switching from Blogger to Wordpress. Don't get me wrong I love blogger and find it really easy to use, I would recommend Blogger to anyone starting up there own blog. Blogger is very easy to navigate but I felt that it didn't have the blog layouts I wanted for my blog. For someone who doesn't really know much about graphic design I found that Wordpress had plenty of templates to choose from and I finally found a layout I am happy with.

With a new name and a new layout the new blog it launching on the 2nd of February!!
So I hope you all follow me over too the new blog and I can't wait for you to all see it on Monday!!

Aimee xo 

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