Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Normal Heart Review

I'm a movie buff (like a foodie but with movies) I have to see any film that is raved about. Maybe its just to see what all the hype is about but sometimes because I like the actors who star in the movie. This was the case with The Normal Heart both because I had heard lots of good things about the movie and because Matt Bomer was staring and I love a good Matt Bomer moment.

So last night I sat down ready to watch The Normal Heart, I first heard about it last year after hearing Matt Bomer was to be starring in the movie so automatically I knew it was a must see. Filled with a great cast including Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons and Taylor Kitsch to name but a few, The Normal Heart  directed by Ryan Murphy is based on the Play of the same name by Larry Kramer about a gay activist who attempts to raise awareness for the HIV/Aids during the 80s in New York City.

Mark Ruffalo plays Ned Weeks a gay writer who attempts to raise awareness of HIV/Aids and does everything he can to fight against it to stop people dying. Julia Roberts plays the Doctor who is trying to save all these men from dying, Matt Bomer plays Ned's partner Felix Turner a writer for the New York Times who becomes diagnosed with HIV Aids. Throughout the film you see the struggle these men and women went through to try save the ones they loved. For Ned is was a fight to save Felix the one man he truly loved.

Every member of the cast gave outstanding performances, Matt Bomer who lost around 35 pounds for the role delivered a heartbreaking, outstanding performance. To know Matt from White Collar and also meeting him in the summer of last year just before he began his weight loss it was heartbreaking to see him in his final scenes but he truly gave an amazing performance as well as every other cast member. They created a film which gave the message "To win a war you have to start one" but it also gave the message that no matter what you will fight for the ones you love.

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