Sunday, 8 June 2014

New Girl - Fashion Inspiration.

This past week it's took me ages to think of a new post but this week end I've been binge watching New Girl, one of my guilty pleasures is comedy shoes and New Girl is no exception. The show based around Jess who moves into an apartment with 3 single guys Nick, Schmidt and Winston, combining comedy and drama as the characters deal with relationships and career choices as they mature during their thirties, and not to mention the sexual chemistry between Nick and Jess ( lets just take a second to appreciate how cute Jake Johnson is) filled with comedic genius this leads to one great show.

The leading lady of the show Jess is a big inspiration or more Zooey Deschanel is a big inspiration to me because she doesn't shy away from her "adorable"personality, I am quiet shy but watching New Girl encourages me to embrace my little quirks and not care what people think (most of the time) From her cute knits and dress combos to a simple jeans and sweater outfits her personal style and her character Jess's style leads to serious style envy. Her adorkable personality, sense of style, her own TV show, a singing career and not to mention how beautiful Zooey Deschanel is what other qualities does a role model need.

                                                         Aimee xoxo

 New Girl - Fashion Inspiration first appeared on Daisy Love xo
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