Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Washington DC

On the 7th of October we hoped on a train and headed to Washington DC for a couple of nights and a day of sightseeing. We arrived in Washington late afternoon and we were pretty tired so we went out and grabbed a pizza from Custom Fuel Pizza - which were amazing so good that we had them two nights in a row , bad i know- and off we went to bed set for a fun filled day of exploring Washington DC.

The next day we walked from our apartments to the White House which seeing in person is amazing and it crazy to think that thats where President Obama lives. We then jumped on a Big Bus you and travelled through Washington hopping on and off at all the sights.

Many of the sights we stayed on the bus for such as Arlington National Cemetery, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon, `the Capitol and the world war 2 memorial. Although we stayed on the bus for some of the sights for most we got off and explored, one of my favourites was the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool - featured in Forrest Gump but no we didn't go running thought the pool. We wondered through the streets of Washington and for being a city it is one of the most beautiful cities i have ever seen.

Come back tomorrow of part 4 of my New York Trip

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