Friday, 31 October 2014

New York I Love You

Saturday was put aside for shopping which we did lots of in the Soho neighbourhood buying lots of lovely things with my birthday money.

On Sunday we hoped in a cab and headed for the Brooklyn bridge, we got out just at the bottom of the bridge and had an amazing walk across the bridge. It was a beautiful day outside and a perfect time to head down to Dumbo in Brooklyn. Once we got into Brooklyn we walked the short distance into Dumbo and its was just breathtakingly beautiful. I loved it down there with the river and the carousel as well as the colour glass house that takes pride standing with the beautiful city behind it. From there we walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge and all the way up 5th avenue finally stopping a Central Park.  After our trip to Brooklyn we stopped by Washington Square park as I have wanted to see the park ever since I first watched Barefoot in the Park and Robert Redford walks through the park barefoot. As one last thing on my list we hunted down the Friends Apartment block all the way in Greenwich Village.

Our last full day in New York was the Monday so agin me and my dad tried for one last time to get tickets for the Tonight Show but again nobody in the que got in , but we tried so i went and bought a t-shirt anyway. So during the day we spent some time in Central Park and tried out Magnolia Bakery which have the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. Then from Strawberry fields in Central Park we walked 20 blocks to West 89th Street to find the Meg Ryan's house from You've got Mail then another few blocks until we found the bit in Riverside Park where they meet at the end of the film. After not getting into the Tonight Show we decided to go see the basket ball at Madison Square Garden which was a fun experience what with the delicious hot dogs Madison Square had to offer , to the celebrity sightings -Hank Azaria - and of course the Basketball.

On Tuesday we only had the morning left to do last minute shopping before we had to get to the airport to catch out flight home. One shop we stopped at was Prada and my mum and dad so kindly surprised me with a Prada Bag as a birthday treat. Then off we flew me with my Prada bag firmly griped in one hand and a box in the other we flew out of my favourite city in the world all the way home to Scotland luckily this time with no delayed flights or diversions.

Hope you enjoyed my stories of my Trip 
Aimee xo 

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