Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What to say and how to say it

When writing a blog post I normally have an idea in mind and have a brief post written out on my Notes app on my phone. This time not so much, I have just finished binge reading Boobs & Loubs by Morgan Stewart now if you are a fan of the E! show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills you will love this blog.

After reading Boob&Loubs it inspired me and it got me thinking, when I first started this blog I had this great idea of what I wanted to do. I planned to do a lot of style posts and just lifestyle posts, that plan hasn't exactly turned out as hoped. I seem to have done a lot more of reviews of Tv and Movies and a lot less style posts. Thats about to change -hopefully- over the past few weeks i have been contemplating changing the name of my blog but I'm struggling to think up a new name for the blog that represents me. I have also had the feeling that I need to put myself into the blog a bit more and be a bit less editorial speaking and a lot more real.

Keep and eye out for changes to the blog, and hopefully it will keep you coming back to read!

Aimee xo 

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