Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Exercise Routine

I am not one to be really sporty, never really played a lot of sports but this past couple of years I caught onto the exercise crazy and I'm still trying to find my preferred workout or one the really works for me.

My will power is not very strong so when I know that cake or chocolate is on offer I don't have the strongest will power to stop myself from indulging. That has to stop! I am currently planning a trip in October for my birthday and I am set on getting into shape before we go away!

My exercise routine is never really constant, I'll keep at an exercise for a few weeks then stop then go back to it again a few weeks later so I'm never really getting anywhere but I am about to stop this on again, off again relationship I have with exercise.

As of late my go to exercise is long walks, me and my mum are heading to the nearest beach and walking the length of the beach daily! Another favourite of mine is Pilates, I used the online Youtube Pilates channel Blogilates  its cheaper than going to a class and you can do it in your own home.  Pilates is great for toning up, shaping up and building body strength which hopefully if I stick to it I will achieve.

Aimee xo 
Exercise Routine first appeared on Daisy Love xo 
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