Monday, 26 May 2014

Obsession Kors

Its taken me awhile to write this post as I didn't want it just to be all about my Michael Kors purchases but more about my Obsession on Michael Kors Fashion and Accessories. I'm sitting here with a cup of tea in my Matt Bomer cup ( yeah i have once seen here ) and watching Mad Men (I'm a little obsessed with this show )  scratching my brain for inspiration and I still don't know what to write.

Lets start with my Collection of Michael Kors then I'll get onto his dresses and other Pieces which I love but don't have in my collection but dream that one day I might! My first Kors purchase was my Jet Set Travel Tote which I was never without. I even took it on my holiday to the states and it fast became a travel Essential. My second purchase was my Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Continental wallet, which I purchased in the Michael Kors store in New York. I then got a Michael Kors t-shirt for my christmas, I then went onto purchase my baby,my Michael Kors Selma tote (which can also be seen here)  in January after saving up for months. Since then I've added a few other items to my collection one being a set of nail varnish in  Sensation and Scandal  and my most recent Michael Kors purchase was my Michael Kors iPad Sleeve. I have a lot more of Michael Kors accessories rather then clothes but that doesn't mean I don't love his clothes. 

First off this black and grey Selma tote which I first seen in a Michael Kors store in Santa Monica and fell in love with, Oringinally this is the one I would of loved to have but when I was looking to purchase one back home in the Uk I couldn't find any anywhere. I was very sad about that but hopefully I might be able to add it too my collection one day. 

Michael Kors offers a luxury lifestyle that most women can afford and want to wear because they see celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Blake Lively wear his collection. This was seen during New York Fashion Week where we seen Blake Lively and a handful of other fashionestias sporting his new collection and sitting front row at his shows. We've also seen throughout the Red Carpets this award season as well as in the past many celebrities choosing to wear Michael Kors couture gowns on the Red Carpets. 

 Theses exquisite Black and Coloured peplum dresses are my favourite I would love to be styled in one of these. I love the vibrant neon colours which are highlighted by the black of the dress. Karlie Kloss models this sparkly number perfectly, with the black highlight the sparkly adding that extra glam to the runway.

 This is one of my favourite pieces from his spring 2014 collection. I love the how the little green cardigan compliments the nude and green two piece outfit.

To wear one of his custom couture gowns (especially the coloured peplum dresses) would be a dream come true. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to be styled in a Michael Kors gown or sit front row at one of his shows. For now I will just have to dream and save up for my next Michael Kors Purchase.

Xoxo Aimee 

  Photographs taken from @michaelkors on Instagram and Michael Kors Pinterest boards

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