Sunday, 6 April 2014

How I Met Your Mother Final

After the shocking finale episode of the How I Met Your Mother's nine season run on Monday 31st, it has took me a whole week to come to terms with another of my favourite shows ending. It has also took me the whole week to work out how I feel about the surprising finale moments of the beloved show. WARNING Spoilers - So the episode begins at the recepetion party of Barney and Robins wedding where Ted leaves early to catch his train back to the city so he can leave for Chicago. During he wait at the train station the episode fast forwards 3 years into the future where upon we find out that after 3 years of marriage we learn that Barney and Robin have gotten a divorce, Lilly is pregnant with baby number 3 and Marshall decides to become a judge -Judge Fudge to be exact- Ted and the mother are engaged and have a baby. In the next scene we see that Marshall and Lilly decide to finally sell the apartment that was once Ted, Lilly and Marshalls and find a bigger house for their family, Robin who hasn't been seen by the gang for a while is now a World Wide News Correspondent and tells Lilly that the gang can't be the same anymore and that they all have to Grow up and move on with their lives.

Fast forward another couple of years Barney goes for a Perfect Month -Eww- but then informs the gang that he is going to be a father.... 9 months later after claiming he would never change after holding his new baby girl for the first time you see a different side to Barney appear on screen right in front of your eyes. Ted and the Mother - who we learn is called Tracy after a cute first meet with her and Ted under the Yellow umbrella- at this point are still not married so instead of a big planned affair they bite the bullet and her married in a lovely ceremony with just their close friends. Now to the year 2030 we finally get to hear the words we've been waiting to hear Ted say since the Pilot "and that kids in How I Met Your Mother" Only to find out that after a cute montage of photos of Ted the mother and their children we find out that the Mother -Tracey - after falling ill has died six years prior to Ted telling his Kids the story. Now in the last few minutes of the episode the twist is probably the most shocking, the kids now after hearing the story tell Ted that the whole story is about his feelings for Robin and the kids then encourage him to go and tell Robin how he feels. The episode ends with Ted out side Robins apartment holding up a blue french horn just as he did in the first episode.

So I've basically told you the whole plot of the final episode and the ending -Sorry-    I thought that the finale tied up the show perfectly but I still came away thinking what has just happened and I had the feeling for disappointment when it ended. What disappointed me the most was not that they killed off the mother - sad that it was and it did make the title of the show a little confusing - but I feel that was something that was right in the end because the show is all about lifes ups and doesns and that not everything has a perfect happy ending. What disappointed me the most was that Barney and Robin got a divorce, after them dedicating a whole series of the show to their wedding and the fact that I had always loved Barney and Robin as a couple ever since they first got together all the way until the proposal - I cry every time- Robin was right for Barney and I was never really a fan of Ted and Robin as a couple but thats my opinion. I do however feel that Barney becoming a father was the best possible ending for him and I wish Lilly and Marshall got a bit more of an ending that they deserved. However it was a good finale and a great way to end the show and it was how the show was  meant to end from the beginning -genius on the writers part having kept it a secret for nine years- How I Met Your Mother wasn't the best TV ending of all time - I mean Friends is pretty hard to beat- but it was the perfect way to sign off a hilarious nine year run.

                                                                        Aimee xo

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