Sunday, 16 March 2014

Exciting News & Sunny Days

Lets start with some exciting news! I got a place in college to study Communication with Media which is really exci
ting as I really want to get into Broadcast Journalism and I am now that one step closer to my dream job!!

After Work this week I spent time making great use of this lovely weather we've been having here in Scotland and I  also made great use of my Netflix subscription - its the best thing ever invented for movie lovers like myself.

On Friday night me and my friend went to see Dallas Buyers Club. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it to begin with but half and hour into the film I realised I was wrong. Dallas Buyers Club is  one of the best films I think I've seen this year, Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto truly deserved their Oscars for their amazing performances. I've seen many of McConaughey's films in the past but have never seen any of Jared Leto's films and I was in awe he  is an amazing actor and he played the part outstandingly well.

Today I'm Craving L.A, I'm Craving sunshine, although its rather sunny here today a hole 15 degrees of sunshine ( thats warm for Scotland) I still miss the L.A sunshine, cycling down venice beach walking around in summer dresses, I miss the L.A lifestyle.

But I suppose I'll just have to settle for cycling around my new home town and wearing warm clothing for now. Heres a few snapshots of my week to enjoy!
 Healthy Lunch

 Outfit of the Day
{Jumper Topshop ;}{Jeans Zara;}{Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs Earnest Jones ;}{Pandora Essence Collection  I'm Wearing Passon and Confidence charms:}{Pandora Ring;}

 Jason Kennedy of of my favourite E!news hosts, one of the reasons I want to be in broadcast journalism. Check out his article in Glamour Magazine US

Even though I can't be in L.A I still get my weekly dose of Celebrity News from People Magazine! 

Bright skies from out back garden. 

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