Sunday, 16 November 2014

Loving this week

Lately I have been reading From Notting Hill with Love... Actually by Ali McNamara  and the story is about a girl who daydreams about movies, lives her life finding things in life which relate to movies. Everyone in the book is telling her that she should stop daydreaming abut movies because this is real life and that life is not a movie. I can relate to this book so much because I too love finding the movie moments in life and I have been told before that life is not like a movie. This annoys me because these story line must have stemmed from some aspect of the creators life or else there wouldn't be a movie - or TV show for that matter- too shoot. This idea for a movie comes from somewhere weather that be your imagination, your sub-concious relating to something similar that has happened to you therefore stemming a story line from an actual experience... So okay these movies scenarios don't happen in your everyday life- you're not going to be driving in your car and fall in love with the man on the radio talk show talking about how hard it has been since he lost his wife.. or email a complete stranger who just happens unknown to you to be the same man you are at war with only to have been in love with him the whole time-.

So what I'm trying to say is life is what you make it, wether that me in a movie or you just daydreaming about a movie, make your life your own.

Now onto what I'm loving this week

1. Shake It Off - Kelly and Michael

I know Halloween was 3 weeks ago now but I loved the "Shake it off" video which Kelly and Michael did for their Live with Kelly and Michael Halloween Episode. As well as dressing up a various celebrities and characters from TV and Film, the hilarious video also featured a host of celebrity cameos as well as Taylor Swift her self.

Also check out the video of President Obama from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon singing Shake It Off - President Obama sings Taylor Swift "Shake it Off" 

2. Scandal

Lets talk about Scandal firstly I'm obsessed, I started watching it yesterday - I know I'm a little late to the party- and I'm already on season 2 fair to say its addictive. Kerry Washington is amazing as Olivia Pope and how badass is she? I am also loving the chemistry between President Fitz and Olivia - and is it just me or is Fitz actually quite good looking? There is defiantly something which draws you too him- Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are perfect for the roles and  do a great job of bringing  the affair to life. I can't believe it has took me this long to jump on the Scandal fan bus but I  am officially hooked!

Aimee xo 

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