Tuesday, 16 September 2014


As part of my college course this year we have to deliver presentations and in the past for me I always hated the idea of standing up in front of the class and talking. Wither it was the fact that I felt like I was being judged or I was self couscous I just didn't like it.  I'm am still quite shy - although working in a restaurant has helped bring me out of my shell a little bit but I still get nervous at certain things.

 So with two oral presentations coming up before Christmas -seem ages but still quite soon- I have been watching you tube clips of  my favourite stars or people who inspire me giving presentations or interviews and I  have been getting a little inspiration from their presentations or interviews for my own presentation.

Mindy Kaling's speech at Harvard Law School
I'm a little obsessed with The Mindy Project and Mindy Kaling for that matter. With her pop-culture references  - we are very alike, I use too many pop- culture references-wither that be in her show or in real life, she is hilarious if you listen to her in interviews she is completely honest and her humour is brilliant. What she says in this speech really inspired me and no matter how silly it sounds she is one of my role models.

I would love to know who your role models are? 

Aimee xo 

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