Saturday, 8 February 2014

New York

In July 2013 myself and my family had a holiday in the USA, firstly we did a California road-trip then we spent five days in New York - certainly a long awaited trip- I loved it and have wanted to return to New York ever since. 

I would love to one day live in New York - or as Frank Sinatra said "I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps." I have loved the city ever since I first saw friends (it still is my favourite show) then i found out it was filmed in a studio in L.A, but that didn't stop me loving the city -or the show- any less. When I seen Gossip Girl I loved the Fashion and how New York was the centre piece of the show, I wanted to be Serena and Blair, have their fashion sense, live on the upper east side and of course I wanted to date guys like Nate and Chuck. I know this sounds like I wanted to live the lives of TV characters but I was and still am inspired by them. 

Since the start of last year I've been watching White Collar another show with New York and a handsome guy as its centre piece. I knew White Collar filmed in the Summer months and in the streets of New York, so thats when I suggested that we should go to New York during our family trip to the states. Luckily for me once we arrived we found their filming Location for the day and I jumped at the chance to meet Matt Bomer! - Defiantly the Highlight of the Holiday- Funnily enough after walking seven blocks to find the White Collar filming location, the next morning we walked out our hotel to find the street filled with trailers and Matt Bomer walking towards me in a Fireman's suit! We got the chance to stand and watch them film a couple of scenes then off we went to explore the city that never sleeps. While we were there we did all the tourist things such as cycle around central park, went to the top of the empire state building, picnicked in central park, visited Times Square,shopped at all the big name stores. And the Restaurants I loved how chic and stylish they were, they were just how i thought New York would be. 

Ever since being to New York I have wanted to return and during our time there thats when I decided I wanted to get into Media or work on a film set and hopefully one day I will be able to walk the streets of New York and call it home. Because after all, all a girl really needs is a New York apartment, a fashion sense like Serena and Blair, a group of "Friends"  and a man like Neal Caffrey (well a girl can dream.) 

Until Next time 

Aimee xo  

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